BetFury - iGaming platform with BTC, ETH, BNB, TRX, BTT and USDT dividends!

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I have decided to make a review to BetFury, one of my favorite iGaming platform.

BetFury is a crypto casino established in 2019. It’s growing fast day by day and there are several reasons why is BetFury very popular in bitcoin gambling community. Offering own original in-house games as well as known providers’ slots and games. Mine BFG tokens by playing on Betfury and receive fair share of casino profits (dividends). Betfury also enables you to earn free bitcoins via Boxes feature.

The platform is full of various games. The in-house games are well known games such as Dice, Keno, Hi-Lo, Plinko, Mines, Coin Flip or others. Unique designs created only for BetFury casino. These games are great for quick fun or ideal for mining BFG tokens (more on that later in the review).


There is wide offering for slot lovers (over 1000 slot games) and Spinmatic, Fugaso, Playson are just few of the world-famous providers, that the platform is collaborating with.


If that’s still not enough for you... then open a Blackjack, Roulette or Baccarat table and have fun. These are also available in live casino options.


And now let's go straight to the super cool futures that makes BetFury really unique!

BetFury Boxes:
This is a new feature that has been introduced with BetFury 2.0 update. There are two types of Betfury boxes:
Free box – Claim 10 Satoshi every 20 minutes.
Investment Box – Purchase box with fixed monthly rate and price. Usually offering 5-10% interest rate per month.


This is great for people growing their crypto bankroll or for those who wants to try BetFury casino without depositing their own funds.

As well the site have a great Rank System (11 ranks) and Cashback (up to 25%), plus Bonuses and Daily Tasks, and really feels like...We play and BetFury pays!

But what really make BetFury really unique is the BFG Tokens and Dividends Pool!
The best thing about the BetFury is their profit-sharing system. Every player on the platform mine BFG tokens with every wager made. These tokens are staked by players to receive dividends – a fair share of casino revenue.
The more you wager in total, the more BFG tokens you will mine and therefore bigger dividends payoff.
The dividends pool consists of total bets made by players in all the currencies. Every 24 hour the dividends shares are paid out – 3% of the pool are distributed every days to the BetFury players. Your share depends on your amount of staked BFG tokens (they are put into the staking automatically after you make any wager).


Under the Staking tab in the menu you can track amount of BFG tokens you’ve mined and the estimated profit for you, and i will add every Monday a post where i will show you my results...

Of course they do have as well an Affiliate Program, so you can join the site using the banner from below...
Looking forward to hear your successful stories!


you summed it up much better than i did in my post. I still somehow got my first referral, so excited :D

BetFury is really great, addictive and a lot of people are talking about it, so I hope the Token rises in value.

You do have a very nice amount of BFG's, and congratulations for your first referral... i started a week ago and so far no luck for me with the refs...
I have to agree, BetFury is really great and addictive!

lol, I didnt recognize the name when I saw you on my post, my bad ^^*

I figure out that :)
I know the message come a little bit late, but better later then never...
It will be great to manage to get a ref like you; congratulation for the amount of BFG's you manage to stack!

thanks! but @ash is the one who referred me, guess I helped putting her over the 1K mark.

Definitely she is a very luck one!
By the way BetFury have an account here on Steemit - @betfury-steem...

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