The Advantages of Feeling Good at Work

The relationships and effects of having pleasant emotions have been the subject of a wave of research during the last fifteen years. It is obvious that people who experience pleasant emotions frequently do better at home and at work, even if researchers are still trying to understand the precise mechanisms that connect positive emotions to these crucial outcomes.

As a result, corporate wellness initiatives that boost workplace happiness are becoming into potent instruments for achieving desired outcomes that raise general employee wellbeing and productivity.


  • A Better Relationship Between Positive Emotions and Better Stress Management

Recent studies have examined both happy feelings that arise naturally throughout daily living and positive emotions that are induced in a laboratory setting. In the latter, pleasant emotions can be successfully induced in a variety of ways, for instance by playing quick film segments that specifically target a desired feeling, like joy.

Overall, these research have shown that having pleasant emotions has positive effects, from better physical health to less turnover at work. Positive emotions are linked to better physical health and longer lifespans, which is one of the study's most compelling conclusions.

  • Positive Emotions Improve Relationships with Others and Creativity

Better interpersonal relationships are also closely related to positive feelings. Positive emotional experiences are undoubtedly abundant in satisfying relationships, but numerous research also demonstrate how they enhance interpersonal connections.

We are aware that happier individuals are more approachable, more likeable, and more socially adept. Additionally, research has conclusively demonstrated that employees' emotional experiences affect their interactions with clients, consumers, and coworkers.

  • Greater Job Satisfaction is Produced by Positive Emotions

According to studies by Carl Thoresen et al., pleasant emotions are a significant predictor of how individuals feel and think about their work and their organisations. Over 200 studies measuring employees' emotional experiences as well as their attitudes and motives toward their employment and employers were rigorously analysed by these researchers.

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