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Currently the restriction's on crypto currency trading in my country is highly restricted which makes it so difficult to do the most simple things like buying bitcoin or even funding a crypto exchange, but what you have to realize is that we are not all as privileged to have seat's in the parliament.

Subsequently I am fed up with how things are run around here. I am reaching my age and I have been fortunate enough to have loving parents thus far, but to show for my life there isn't really much to be proud of. I know its far fetched to even hope that someone my be reading this but if you are I just want you to know that everything will cease to exist.

To achieve my deepest desires I have to be focused and use this opportunity that I have to capitalize. I have been documenting some facts about trading smaller time frames and regulated brokers with no swap fees for ease of use.

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Reasons I took this trade based on the higher time frame the market was on a down trend clearly headed to the next tend line but zooming in I saw that when drew the inner trends on a lower time frame the market was about to reach a clear bottom twice. there was no double bottom but reversal candle a retest and multiple rejections. It played out well as I held to Tp as shown in the diagram.
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In this one the power was to the upside when zoomed out this means only going with the tide and taking longs.
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its possible 5% risk management, 5% Account balance and 90% discipline phycology it can happen.
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