Reached 2.000 Leo Power - 3rd Milestone Completed 💪

in Account Booster 👍2 months ago

Today I powered up more than 150 Leo Power and reached 2K Leo Power. It was my 3nd Milestone. Today LEO price is on sale. So I sold my SBD and bought LEO!

I am so happy to complete my 3rd Milestone!

My 4th Milestone
I will power up 2500 LEO at the end of March!!!

I am holding my SIM to invest #projectblank.

I am not happy to see Leo Price increasing. Because I would invest more :/ I think I am so late...

Let's see...

Ekran Resmi 20210227 21.33.20.png


That's great!

One thing, I'm more of a Steemian, if you use the #leofinance tag, do your posts get auto shared on Leo Finance or something?

If so, how do you access your account?

Thanks in advance!

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