EverGrow Coin Will be Listed on BitMart on 17th November

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EverGrow Coin will be listed on BitMart. Today Announcement has been released...

It is great milestone for EverGrow Coin. It is first CEX listing of EGC and more then 5 CEX listing coming soon.

A Primary Listing on one of the world’s top 10 exchanges with 5 million registered users & $billions of daily volume.


It will increase the volume of EGC and holders of EGC may get more BUSD passive income...

It will increase the number of holders of EGC. More holders will make EGC stronger...

Sam is CEO of EGC, said that EGC will be the top-20 of Coinmarketcap and EGC is going step by step to the target..

After listing on BitMart, LBank Crypto Exchange is on the way.

Flag Pattern is on the chart and EGC is ready for pump.

Ekran Resmi 20211114 23.07.41.png

Cretor.com is a project of EGC will bring the utility to token. Team is also working for play2earn game that will bring utility also. More utility and more volume will make stronger.

Volume is one of most important thing for EGC. It brings more holders-investors.

Ekran Resmi 20211114 23.09.29.png

EGC distributed more than 23M USD passive income to holders. It will increase day by day according to new news and new exchanges...

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