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What is TeamShare?

TeamShare is a Splinterlands Deck sharing service that matches owners of the extra deck(s) with players. The service is available free of charge.

How it Works?

For Owners

As a deck owner you reach out to us on Discord and we will create or assign an account for you to delegate your cards to. When the account is ready for playing, the account will available for applications by potential players.

After receiving applications from players, you can accept an application and we will start the contract between you and the player.

When the player claims quest rewards, our system will take cards, and ORBs, we will send DEC to the account and then our system will distribute the DEC based on the agreed-upon ratio between you and the player. You can also manually claim rewards from your dashboard.

For Players

As a player, you'll apply for one or multiple accounts listed in the Available Accounts section of our website. You can apply once for each account, any subsequent application will replace your existing application. So, if you want to edit your application for an account, you have to re-apply. Please note that every application is public, so do not put private information in the message section.

When an account owner accepts your application, and the account is ready for you to play, you'll be notified via a wallet memo. We will send you the private posting key to the account to play on.

When you claim quest reward, your share of the DEC will be sent to you. You can also manually claim rewards from your dashboard.

How the Reward Sharing Works?

At the moment of this post, Splinterlands have 3 types of rewards - Cards, DECs, and ORBs.

  • REWARD DECs are added to your Splinterlands balance, so our system will auto transfer them to Steem-engine as soon as the player claims quest rewards
  • REWARD CARD(s) will be transferred to @teamshare then it will send 105% of the BURN VALUE of each card to the playing account.
  • REWARD ORB(s) will also be transferred to @teamshare and 2230 DEC for each ORB will be transferred back to the account. 2230 DEC for each ORB is the price we sell them for from MonsterMarket.

These amounts and/or ratios may change in the future but all the owners and players will be notified before any changes.


We will notify and communicate all updates on our Discord. So, as a user of the Service, you must join our Discord server. In future more services will be available through our website.


This is interesting. The first time I read this, I thought about Richard Tyler Blevins aka Ninja

There are many professional video game players, and even guilds these days. I have supported a few myself. This is the first time I have seen the concept on a blockchain based game.

  1. There are skilled players
  2. There are superlative card deck (owners)

This process likely bridges the gap, and takes the game to the next level; beyond renting. This is a good business model, let us see how well you run it :)

Because that's the tricky part.

Yes, you are absolutely correct. We understand that management would be the toughest part of this but we are confident. Most of the tasks are handled by a bot in the background, though some are purposefully kept manual so that we can understand how to improve the service.

Ninja (video game player)
Richard Tyler Blevins (born June 5, 1991), better known by his online alias Ninja, is an American streamer, YouTuber, professional gamer, and Internet personality.
Blevins had gotten his start into streaming through participating in several esports teams in competitive play for Halo 3, but his popularity started to increase when he and a lot of other streamers began playing Fortnite Battle Royale in October 2017; and when Fortnite blew up into the mainstream in early 2018, Blevins’ popularity took off. Blevins’ increase in popularity fed back to help make Fortnite more popular. Prior to retiring his Twitch profile of streaming in favor of Mixer on August 1, 2019, Blevins had over 14 million followers and was the most-followed active Twitch channel.

Very impressive, this should be a hit hands down. Wishing nothing but success for the team @teamshare Play on......

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Certainly very innovative

Pretty perfect timing for me, looking to rent my collection out!

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I find this game so complicated 😅
Is there a beginner's guide?

Very good job at picking up the ball!

very good initiative...

A very interesting model to make use of all resources. Will try it once I develop my deck to where I want it

Sounds like a great addition to the already awesome services offered to the Splinterlands community.

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