The soprano Bethzabeth Talavera did not abandon lyrical singing. Instead, she seeks diversity and wants to share her knowledge with the public through a magazine called Voz y vida. Voz y vida is a magazine that he and his mother María Maneiro share every weekend through social networks.

One of the initial motivations of the two men who created this magazine was the desire to centralize all information and knowledge in the field of speech. "As teachers, we are constantly researching. “We have a large amount of documentary, musical, pedagogical, scientific and artistic materials that we want to share with the diverse audiences and students who inhabit our virtual classrooms," says Talavera.

In fact, both are lyrical singing, opera and chamber music, popular song, oratorio, recitation, diction, song therapy, etc. We offer virtual voice art classes for audiences of all ages. They now have students in Europe and Latin America. In the space we interview experts from various fields of knowledge. Today the first program was published on the @magazinevozyvida account on digital platforms: YouTube, Instagram, Facebook fan page and official website. This Sunday at 4:00 p.m. we will have a live interview on Instagram with Milena López, a voice specialist who has been at the Francisco Antonio Risk Hospital and the Teresa Carreño Theater Foundation for 25 years.
Next weekend they plan to interview the famous jazz, rock, blues and Latin singer Biella da Costa.


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