New Personal Initiative: 2 Minutes Improvisation.Zashto/Why improvisation by @shemzee

in Dance and music show3 years ago

Hola amigos
My friend @alejandrop offered a very interesting initiative for musicians - 2 minutes improvisation
I`m a singer, so I prefer to improvise not only with an instrument /guitar/ but with my voice as well
So I tried to sing an original song of mine over totally different chords in a different style and genre
Hope u like it

English translation:

Tell me how difficult it is to stand up for the beast in you
When you don't have a drop of faith
And the pitiful corruption of the coming days
It drives you crazy to the point where you lose your way

When the beast number is written
In black and white (the number of the beast) on more than one forehead
When day and night they chase and merge into one
Incomprehensible orb - good and evil

Where are you going? Whose destiny are you building?
Will it cost much today to win
The good will to destroy
The wrecked car of unforeseen trouble
When you enter a role, please look at yourself

Chains jingle in the cell of your freedom
Don't be afraid to take them
They are yours - remember them. Pick them up, feel them
They are golden (they are beautiful)
the shackles of your freedom

The artificial world grows in front of you and moves forward
Concrete-glass and glazed
In geometric order, God pretends to be a poet
But the glass world is not for you

They opened prisons and closed spaces for you
And if you fight today, it's just to answer
Why is the world not hungry?
Why does the world belong to the nasty?
Why doesn`t the world belong to the hungry?

Here`s the original song of mine I got the lyrics from


La letra es de otro mundo. OMG!

loved the idea!

This was good...

That's great; keep up the good work.

 3 years ago 


Hahaha My friend thank you for that, really. I'm very happy for your entry. You definitely are not human haha how is possible to improvise ANOTHER RITHM of a Song in real time? Haha I can just play. Great entry, perfect, specially the "Uhh... Yeah" part one haha very funny. Greetings bro.

 3 years ago 

oh, thanks my dear friend I was just having fun. I`m a terrible guitarist and I cannot play the piano /I sometimes play with a synthesizer / Your initiative is great

Thanks again. You are not terrible guitarrist.. you play so good, I like it. I learned to play piano with a Casio toy haha the piano had a usefull function: key lights, the piano teaches you how to play, where push , using classical songs like "Cannon in D" or "For Elise".

My friend, is possible to contact you via Discord or something?

 3 years ago

Messenger is ok I don't use discord

I added you :)

Fascinante! Excelente voz!

Eres increíble amigo... Waoooooooooooo...... Gracias por pertenecer a esta comunidad y traernos siempre tus publicaciones.... Haré próximamente mi improvisación...

 3 years ago 

Gracias, me encantaría escucharlo.

Un trabajo maravilloso. Saludos amigo. Cuidate mucho. Eres genial

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