Sing and play week 139||@sergione48||Il cimitero di rose

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Today unfortunately the weather was bad in my parts so I went over a song that I learned several years ago at the beginning of my studies and I am happy to listen to you.

I thank all those who leave me a vote and a comment


Creo que es la primera vez que me detengo a escuchar propiamente un trabajo hecho en este instrumento, particularmente la escuché incluido en géneros musicales que la verdad no fue de mi agrado, son embargo, hoy que lo escucho actuando solo me parece que posee una sonoridad particular y mucha riqueza armónica, muy bueno, saludos.

I think it is the first time that I have stopped to properly listen to a work done on this instrument, particularly I heard it included in musical genres that the truth was not to my liking, however, today that I hear him acting, it only seems to me that it has a sound particular and a lot of harmonic richness, very good, greetings.

Excelente maestro.

Excelente como siempre. Es increíble escuchar este instrumento. Gracias por seguir haciendo música en esta comunidad y más aún, por seguir siendo parte de la familia.


Excelent! :D