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Hola! It doesn't mean u have to be professional and good technically in dancing to be able to dance 💃🏼 Even if you’re not in your prime of your passion doesn't mean you should stop doing it. Bring the inner child back in you... :P Even dancing in awkward moment & style look so adorable
Its nice to see people having a good time dancing or singing or whatever hobbies they do on their posts. Continue doing with what your passionate about, it gives a good vibe of energy in you .So just have fun, focus on your happiness. Besides, we all want is to feel good all the time.

I thought i can get away with all these different types of challenges where I'm tagged to do or share... but this one, I accept the challenge☺️ so! challenge accepted! 😝 🤩 just because its J LO! ❤️
.... hail! lets dance! 💃🏼




Thank you for taking part!
The video for the dance contest should be at least one minute long. It's fine for the first time. Can you share next time a YouTube video or another video which can be watched directly on a Steemit page?

Oh hi @donatello I'm very delighted! Nice to meet you here on Steemit!
Big thanks for qualifying my post! ok well noted on 1 minute long dance. ☺️
Yeah, i cant seem to post videos directly here on Steemit. I dont think they have. It looks only video links will do like Youtube, Facebook etc.

And also, I didn't see how many minutes long on the rules posted:

"How to enter:
One entry per person only.
This dance contest is aimed at people over 18 years old.
Write a post on any platform or community that you like. You will need to share your link and video here as a comment.
The title should be, "Online dance contest week 171" or "Dance contest week 171" followed by "My entry and @yourusername".
Please use #dance as one of the first five tags.

Share your dance video here as a comment. Feel free to write a description.

You have to post your dance video by next Saturday, 21/11/20. "