How many Dance and music tokens (DAM) have you given away so far?

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Dear members of this community

It has been official for a long time that most of the community members don't upvote other members' posts.
The event "List the posts you upvoted in the past 24 hours" will no longer run for that reason.

Now you can share as a comment along with the transactions how many Dance and music tokens you gave away.
Of course, you can't be precise but you can say roughly how often you give some DAM to other members.

We like to receive prizes in STEEM but unfortunately, the posts that announce events do not always receive good payouts, actually most of the time the payouts are very low.

DAM will be used to deliver prizes and rewards across three communities, the "Dance and music", "Dance" and "Sing and play" community.

See an example of how Dance and music tokens are delivered, visit the comment section on

Would you like to support our communities? Start buying some DAM or placing some "Buy orders" on

Thank you for reading!

 3 years ago 

15/10/2021, 20:23:33

Transaction ID:

Sidechain Block: 9548801

From: @danceandmusic
To: @lyon-89

Amount: - 2 DAM

Memo: For - Share some of your DAM with other members of this community!

oh...many thanks !!

 3 years ago 

15/10/2021, 20:28:18

Transaction ID:

Sidechain Block: 9548806

From: @danceandmusic
To: @sxshx

Amount: - 2 DAM

Memo: Share some of your DAM with other members of this community - For

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