From now on you can sell your DAM (Dance and music tokens) in this community

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Dear dance and music lovers

This is the most entertaining and also most original community on Steemit.
There are no investors who are supporting this community apart from @Donatello.

You can now sell your DAM by creating a post here.

The title could be: I'm selling my DAM (Dance and music tokens)

In the body of the post, you need to mention how many dance and music tokens you are selling and for how much (STEEM).

For instance, @danceandmusic is selling 1 DAM at 0.05 STEEM. Of course, we'll keep an eye on this kind of post.

Please read,

It's very easy to check if you hold some DAM. Visit,

Hopefully, soon there will be an exchange where DAM will be listed and you will be able to place buy and sell orders for DAM.
Dance and music token.png

Thank you for reading!

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