🕺💃 Join the Dance and Music Extravaganza! Win STEEM! 🎶🎉The prize pool is 10 STEEM

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Hi fellow dancers and music enthusiasts!

🌟 Ready to showcase your incredible moves and musical talents? We've got an exciting opportunity for you to not only share your passion but also snag some STEEM in the process!

🚀 How to Participate:

📸 Create an amazing dance or music video. Let your creativity shine!
📝 If you prefer, you can also create a separate post, but make sure to drop the link to your video or post in the comments below.
💬 Comment on this post with your video or post URL.
✨ Prizes:

We appreciate your dedication and talent, and we want to reward you for it! We will be distributing a total of 10 STEEM among the participants.

🏆 Prize Distribution:

1st Place: 5 STEEM
2nd Place: 3 STEEM
3rd Place: 2 STEEM
📅 Deadline:

The submission deadline is 20/11/23. So, make sure to get your entries in before then!

🌟 Rules:

Each participant can submit only one entry.
Your entry must be related to dance or music.
Be sure to upvote and engage with other participants' entries to spread the love!
🎉 Let the Dance and Music Celebration Begin!

Get those feet moving, fingers snapping, and instruments playing! Show the world your extraordinary dance and music skills, and who knows, you might just be the lucky winner of some STEEM! Let the rhythm guide you, and let the competition begin! 🎵💫

You will receive STEEM from @danceandmusic.

Have a nice day!

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