Earn 1 Donatello Club token (DC) - Round 13

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Dear dance and music lovers

We are looking for content creators.

Would you like to earn 1 Donatello Club token?

Share your dance or music video here as a comment!

You could also create a post but you will need to leave a comment here along with your entry post link.

The video must be yours.

You can exchange DC (Donatello Club tokens) for STEEMP on https://steem-engine.net/?p=market&t=DC.
You will need a Chrome extension that you can find on https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/steemkeychain/jhgnbkkipaallpehbohjmkbjofjdmeid in order to use Steem engine.

Feel free to contact the Steem-engine.net team on https://discord.com/channels/539442545478991882/539442545478991884 if you have any problems with https://steem-engine.net.
This community needs your support. Don't forget to send some tokens to other members!

Thank you!


We've shared and upvoted your post on @crypto.defrag

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