Why being active without powering down is better (more useful) than powering up without being active

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Dear members of this community

This post needs to be concise so I won’t write a long post. The title says it all.

Most of you don’t normally upvote other members’ posts at least in this community so most of you are not active as curators.

We all need to be active as authors and curators in this community.

I keep upvoting posts here and I feel like an idiot that I'm the only curator and active author that gives so much in upvotes.

Today @Danceandmusic bought 4,447 Donatello Club tokens (DC) on https://steem-engine.net/?p=market&t=DC and now DC is stronger than ever. Even if you think that this is not related to the post content, yes, it is.

By the way, @danceandmusic converted 400 STEEM to STEEM POWER. This is the transaction,
10 hours ago Transfer 400.000 STEEM POWER to @danceandmusic.

Most of you ignored this post, https://steemit.com/hive-118409/@danceandmusic/danceandmusic-accepts-donatello-club-token-dc-and-dance-tokens-for-your-monthly-contributions and actually I saw some of you rushing to sell those tokens instead of contributing towards the monthly contribution.

What do you want me to say? Very happy with some of you and a bit disappointed with the rest of you. I know exactly who is supporting and who is not supporting this community.

If you think we need many posts in this community then you are wrong. I would like to see a few members writing posts and at the same time upvoting other members' posts rather than seeing so many members writing posts and not upvoting anybody else's posts.

If you think I will be sad without your dance posts then have fun watching this video. I never shared this video before.

Feel free to leave a comment and thank you for reading!


Saludos y bendiciones para todos, actiandome en la comunidad.

This post has been supported by @steemclub-uk the new community curation account administered by the UK Country Representative @pennsif.

Thank you so much for your support!

Es deacuerdo con lo que dice, por eso solo le voto a usted y tambien le doy un 5% de 4 de mis publicaciones a la semana, se que no es mucho, pero al menos intento ayudar al que ayuda, y seguire haciendo, ademas de decirlo en un post de las personas de la comunidad lo hicieran tambien, pero nadie me dio respuesta para hacerlo.

Pero bueno es lo que hay, y como dice un refran de mi tierra "PRIMERO PARA MI, PARA MI, PARA MI, Y LUEGO LOS DEMAS"

It agrees with what it says, that's why I only vote for you and I also give you 5% of 4 of my publications a week, I know it is not much, but at least I try to help the one who helps, and I will continue doing, also to say it in a post for people in the community to do it too, but no one gave me an answer to do it.

But good is what there is, and as a saying of my land says "FIRST FOR ME, FOR ME, FOR ME, AND THEN THE OTHERS"

Gracias por dejar un comentario y agradezco tu apoyo.

excelente, que se halla podido realizar el encendido de 400 steem, poco a poco se va avanzando en nombre de Dios. saludos y bendiciones @donatello!

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Have a nice day and sincerely yours,

Saludos amigo. Te admiro y te felicito por eae logro de los 400 Steem para la comunidad. Por cierto hace días creo haberte enviado mi contribución del mes de junio. Un abrazo, sigamos trabajando. Manten siempre viva tu Fe. No estás solo. 😘

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