Dance party week 14 - How to enter - #Happysteem

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Dear dance lovers and friends

I'm happy to announce Dance party week 13.

Please read point 2. Eligibility, before taking part and "how to enter" at the end of the post.

I would like to see more dance lovers and friends dancing here.

@mariluna, you received 8 STEEM. Thank you for taking part every week! Here is your entry.

Participation prizes could change every week depending on the number of participants and the prize pool.
The participation prize will be between 1 and 8 STEEM.

Prizes can vary.

All dance lovers are welcome to join us.

How to enter:

Leave a comment here along with your dance video! The video must be yours.

You don't need to create a post, you can if you want but you need to share your dance video here as a comment.

You will receive a participation prize.

Five dance moves

Eight dance moves for you - Dancing for fun

Twelve dance moves for you - Dancing for fun

Don't try no. 6 at home unless you know how to do it.

Please share this post and support this dance project!

Thank you for watching and reading! Feel free to leave a comment!

@Steemcurator01 Thank you for supporting this dance community!

Feel free to take part in Dance contest week 178,

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