These 3 Iconic Songs from Ledd Zeppelin Must Enter Your Playlist

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This rock band which was born in September 1968 in London is fronted by Robert Plant as vocalist, Jimmy Page as guitarist, John Paul Jones as bassist, and John Bonham as drummer. You could say, Ledd Zeppelin is one of the best and most influential bands in the world music industry until now.

But who would have thought, they started their career with the name The Yardbids. And after changing their name to Led Zeppelin, they released their debut studio album "Self-Titled" in 1969. After the first album was released, the second album was re-issued with the title "Led Zeppelin II". And after that, six albums followed, in total they have released eight studio albums.

The songs on the album, have their own characteristics and uniqueness. Plus, the four personnel are considered experts in every instrument they play. Through his songs, Ledd Zeppelin is said to be the first heavy metal band to feature a heavy guitar sound and powerful drum beats.

Well, from the albums he has released, there are three songs that are masterpieces of Ledd Zeppelin, you know! Curious about anything? Check this out!

1. Kashmir (1975)

Kashmir, a song that has meaning in terms of the search for human identity. This song became one of the masterpiece songs from Ledd Zeppelin. In fact, according to vocalist Robert Plan, there is only one Led Zeppelin song that is the most 'sacred' to him, which is not 'Stairway Of Heaven'. But Kashmir.

Musically, this song is able to give the impression of an epic journey. Either in a spiritual situation or a literal journey. And in terms of lyrics, "Kashmir" is very thick with nuances of ambiguity that can lead to various interpretations. That's where the role of art, Ledd Zeppelin is able to mix all of that epic in this song.

For eight minutes, we are presented with a masterpiece filled with dramatic music, very melancholic lyrics, and sung without exaggeration. Very worth hearing!

2. Stairway to Heaven (1971)

Besides Kashmir, this song is one of the iconic songs of Led Zeppelin. The song was recorded for the first time in December 1970 at Basing Street Studios, London. The song was completed with additional lyrics by Robert Plant in sessions for 'Led Zeppelin IV' at Headley Grange, Hampshire, in 1971.

The song has a mixed rhythm of progressive rock, folk rock, and hard rock. Starting with a slow tempo and with acoustic instruments. However, slowly, the tempo becomes faster with electric instruments. Coupled with a guitar solo that is quite long before turning back quickly to the hard rock section.

According to music journalist Stephen Davis, even though the song was released in 1971, it took until 1973 before the song's popularity really rose to extraordinary status. And this song became one of the best rock songs of all time.

And in 2004, Rolling Stone magazine ranked 'Stairway to Heaven' at number 31 on its list of the 500 Greatest Songs of All Time. In the end, the song consists of four acts, each of which tells a story full of meaning and mystery.

3. Immigrant Song (1970)

The song contained in the album "Led Zeppelin III" has the power and composition of the music is good. In the opening lyrics of this song, it immediately tells about Icelandic nature with its eternal snow, the sun that never sets in summer and the geysers that shoot hot water.

Yes, this song was created during their cultural trip to Iceland. In addition, the day before they were to play in Reykjavik, the civil servants there went on strike. The show, which was previously set to feature Ledd Zeppelin, will be cancelled. However, the local university prepared a concert hall for Ledd Zeppelin to play.

Unlike the previous two songs, the duration of this song is very short, only 2 minutes 26 seconds. However, in such a short time, Ledd Zeppelin was able to provide a Nordic touch in it. For Robert Plant, this song is just about traveling and being the opening act on the album "Led Zeppelin III", but many took this song seriously.

The point is, if you want to be in a mood-boster while at work or not to be lazy, "Immigrant Song" can be the perfect solution, because this song is very punchy!

Well, those are the three iconic Ledd Zeppelin songs to date. Do you agree? Or even just someone who heard the other songs? Apart from that, you can play cool songs from Ledd Zeppelin on the music streaming platform that is your mainstay!

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