BLACKPINK Releases New Album Titled 'Shut Down'

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WowKeren - Just made a comeback with their 2nd full album titled "BORN PINK" along with its title track, "Shut Down", BLACKPINK spoiled fans with new content. The girl group presented the dance performance video "Shut Down" recently.

As the title implies, the video with a simple background like a dance practice video displays the details of the choreography of "Shut Down." Here, we can see more clearly the dance moves and how each member executes the moves.

This "Shut Down" dance performance video has become a topic of conversation for netizens in the online community TheQoo. They gave a lot of praise for BLACKPINK, who this time their dancing ability was considered to have improved from before.

"Heol they gave this to us quickly this time," commented netizen. "The dance is really good, kekeke. I used to think the song was ordinary, but when you see it with the dance, the song sounds really good now, crazy," said another netizen. "Crazy, they are really badass. Lisa's rope part is really crazy," said another.

"The dance is good. I want to see them at the concert sooner," said netizens. "Oh I feel the dance will get more views than the MV, kekeke. The choreography is very good," another commented. "Crazy, the dance this time is crazy! This is on the same level as the 'How You Like That' dance," added another.

In another post on TheQoo, netizens gave special appreciation to Lisa. The main dancer BLACKPINK is considered to really show their status in the group and become the pride of BLACKPINK through their extraordinary dancing ability.

Netizens praised Lisa by commenting, "Objectively, she is one of the top main dancers among female idols", "She is really cool", "Her talent is overflowing", "Even dancers say that Lisa is the best dancer among idols. woman. Ha... she's seriously too good. Her dance is good but her gestures and expressions are perfect".


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