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Hello everyone

Its a long time we are working ins steem community .. we are see different community's with different topics . but there is no community which is related with science and others . So we i am thinking to created a community which is related with science . people can make there post and created a blog in this community .

We Found many people are from science background and some of them are thinking top make blog with there related subject . But they didn't find any proper place for posting there blogs . so this is the the place they can post there blogs and share there knowledge .

Steem is not a platform only for earning . its a platform for also learning . People can share there knowledge with others . every one can learning learning About science and others . the world dependence on science . every person ever place is related with science . morning to night when a people trying to sleep they are repleted with science . we can not go fare way from science . science make our life very easy . now its our habit and we can not live without science .

Science help us to get proper treatment . medical sector totally dependent on science . if a person want to live with our any problem then he need to be a proper medical treatment . so medical sector totally depend on science . so we need a community where people are post about this topic that people get help and live with out any harassment .

In our life and technology and every place is related with science . you can see the world depends on science . there are may student here who are from science background . So why not a proper place for posting there knowledge . ? so i am creating this community to help them and give them a proper place to post . i have already found few moderators here who are related with this science background . but i add them as a moderator after few days . i want to know there ability and then i make them moderator .

Well i hope steem teem help us to run this community . because with our support we can not go far away , we can not run this community . i hope every one posting here as soon as possible , but @steemcurator01 @steemcurator02 support us to run this community then we can go a far away we can get a better support from @steemcurator01 @steemcurator02

Advance thanks to all people who help me to create this community and also suggest me to choose this topic .

As a admin i want to describe my background . I am complete my graduation and post graduation in Zoology and now I am starting my research in different topic . Hope this research end as soon as possible. i need few modaretor to run this community . if any one want o be a moderator of this community you can contact me. you are most well come.

Thanks to steem community and @steemcurator01 @steemcurator02 hope you support all members of this community