Flies and Life cycle

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Today we are try to know about Flies and life cycle of flies

Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Arthropoda
Class: Insecta
Order: Diptera
Family: Muscidae
Genus: Musca
Species: M. domestica

Flies are very common all over the world . flies different kinds , different types and also different color . Flies are very important to each work. sometimes these flies are important to get much and proper food for our world . so you can easily understand that flies are important and very useful for us. So today we are trying to know flies life cycle and also trying to know about their good or bad site for us..

Flies are flying specially on the death body or anywhere on others sometimes we can see death of bad places . this flies are flying and eating the bad thing because it's very useful for their digestive system but you can easily understand that flies are flying on death body because they are producing egg on this place. so it is very simple that flies produce their egg on a dead body and when this body eggs are fertilized then there is very small Magma came out . they are larva’s are coming out . this trying to eat this body and growing up after a few time this stop eating and try to find out a safe place to getting for their next step.


Larva’s are changing their self and they are getting Pupa and you know that its very important step for a life cycle of flies. this time its taking a long time .after this larva’s getting a fly and this fly is start Flying . so this is the simple life cycle of a housefly . housefly is very deadly because they are carrying the dangerous bacteria and viruses.


Good side

Flies are also very important for us because sometimes flies eating pollen and you know that pollination is very important . when they are eating pollen they are flying flower to flower and they are just pollinate the others. so this is a very important for our crops because pollination are getting fruit and also our crops and also important for us.

Bad side

Flies are also very deadly for us because they are carrying different kinds of bacteria and viruses . so Flies flying and when they are just set on our food and others things, we need to clean it because if we are not wearing this then this grams and bacteria will be in our stomach and affected by this deadly virus. so we need to clean our food and other thing and try to clean all the foods before we are eating these. so flies are also very deadly for us. if you want to control this then we can use different kinds of pesticides for this flies. but I think if we want to safe then it is very important to protect our self from flies.

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