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RE: 30 STEEM EN PREMIOS (15 de Stephenkendal) 👉 Nuevo concurso!! / 30 STEEM IN PRIZES (15 from Stephenkendal) 👉 New contest!! || HÉROES ANÓNIMOS 💪 🏃‍♀️ // HEROES ANONYMOUS💪 🏃‍♀️

This looks like an awesome #Contest and I would like to help out with the Prize Pool.

I see the Prize Pool currently stands at 15 #Steem Prize Pool.

1st place = 5 #STEEM
2nd place = 4 #STEEM
3rd place = 3 #STEEM
4th place = 2 #STEEM
5th place = 1 #STEEM

I would like to offer you an additional 15 #Steem Sponsorship to double the Prize Pool to...

1st place = 10 #STEEM
2nd place = 8 #STEEM
3rd place = 6 #STEEM
4th place = 4 #STEEM
5th place = 2 #STEEM

Kind Regards


 4 months ago 

Hello dear @stephenkendal!! Yes!! Thank you very much!! People here really need it :) :)

Thanks a lot!!


15 #Steem - Funds Transferred.

Sponsorship to support your #steemargentina Contest.

Please add this to the Prize Money.

Good luck with the Contest.


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 4 months ago 

Of course dear @stephenkendal!! Thanks a lot once again!!