The Star Wars Thing thing is not concerning Battle Star. For more information, you can follow thousands of videos that talk about what I am talking about on YouTube going back to 2018 and in some cases longer by the Fandom Menace, Geeks + Gamers, Doom Cock, Nerdrotic, and others.


I hate patents, monopolies, centralization, and like you said, government can shelf things.


Yes, I have seen unidentified objects, some which may have been military air crafts, planes, helicopters, etc. Do you trust the government so much in making decisions in regards to keeping humans safe? Do you want security or freedom? Government can try to order you to stay at home inside your own prison jail dungeon cell. The lockdown is murdering millions of people in 2020 as supply chains break, as people lose jobs, incomes, work, money, income, food, etc, and starve to death. Vaccines kill people. Some become zombies. Some kill themselves because of all of that. I want freedom for better or for worse. I want the freedom to be bad. That is life, to live, to make good and bad choices as opposed to being protected from making bad choices. And everything affects everything and everything is and is not essential. And intellectual property is a lie that you may believe in. You may have fallen for the religion of intellectual property which is dangerous. I have been telling you how our thoughts can be intellectual property. They shelf things like you said which is another problem concerning intellectual property. The list goes on and on and on. The centralization of the governance over what is and is not intellectual property of who and who not is what Steemit and Hive is against. Decentralization of blockchain is against those types of centralization and isn't that why you are on Steemit and Hive? Isn't that why we have Bitcoin, etc?

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