Lampard impressed by Mendy's start to life in English football

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Frank Lampard has hip praise on Mendy with great start to life on English soil. Prior to coming to London, Mendy has always been one of the top goal keeper in the world of football having helped his team in France to top 4 finish. He has been a good security to the Chelsea team which they lacked last season with Kepa being the expensive goal keeper that didn't live to his big money move to the team. 


Mendy insurgent has given the team a needed boost and now have three straight clean sheet to their name as a team. Mendy can go all the way to win best goal keeper in EPL this season because he has that ability. 


Frank Lampard's team can go all the way to finish second or third in the league this season. Am not expecting a push to the league this season from the young team trying to play together to become a formidable team ever as a Chelsea player. 


I wish them good luck this season thus far. 


Drop your comments. Let's see your view also. 



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