STEEM Promotion Contest #17 - Promote Steem on Twitter - ENTRY POST

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Promotional Poster Design for Twitter:

Green Red and Gold Friendly Geometric Business Christmas Banner.png

Steemit is presently getting a veritably popular social media platform. New druggies are joining Steemit every day. We should each promote Steemit.

I have been promoting Steam from the morning. Also, I allowed about how to spread it on a large scale. Also, it passed to me that there could be no better platform than#Twitter to promote Steemit. So I produce a gig with#promo-steem title every day and partake it on my Twitter account. I'm formerly seeing positive results.

There are no more social media than Twitter to attract youthful people to Steeemit, so I'm working to promote Steemit every day. I hope it'll get a huge response.

Promotional gif Design for Twitter:

Green Red and Gold Friendly Geometric Business Christmas Banner.gif

I have been started promoting steemit on my Twitter account. I got another chance to promote steemit through this contest. Thanks for taking the contest to promote steemit.

Would like to invite my friends @ftz @vishwara @five5 to take part in this contest. Here you can find contest details : STEEM Promotion Contest #17 - Promote Steem on Twitter - 150 STEEM PRIZE

Twitter Sharing Link:


Thank You @dlike for this awesome contest


Thank You So Much For Visiting My Blog


sk gif.gif

Image & Gif Credit : Sir @stephenkendal


You are doing an awesome job.!!

Keep up the great work.

Starting from tomorrow and running throughout the whole of January, I now want to focus on promoting #BitTorrent and the #BTT token alongside #TRX.

As part of the #TRON network, I am looking at introducing the #BitTorrent community to the #Steem Community and I thought that this would be a great way of bringing the two Communities together.

Earlier today I changed my twitter profile to focus on promoting Decentralised Social Media and have included the #DeSocial tag to my profile.

Please feel free to add the #DeSocial tag to your tweet when sharing your promotional *. gif and steemit blog to Twitter.

Promotional *.gifs to continue to promote the #Steem logo, the #Tron logo, the #Steemit logo and the #SK logos.

Looking forward to making more friends with those in the #BitTorrent Community and promoting #BTT alongside #Steem.

Once again, keep up the great work and thanks again for everything you are doing in supporting the Marketing and Promoting of #Steem.


Sure.. i will start working on it soon

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