STEEM in need of a Pump!

in DLIKE5 months ago

STEEM is sitting on support levels in terms of BTC, and could use a bounce

STEEM is basically at the lows for the year in terms of BTC.

Sitting right on support as we speak:


Our good friend Mr. 150k is sitting on the bid like usual, but prices are in need of a bounce.

Not sure who that is on the bid or who has been providing support as of late, but it appears they may be losing interest or losing power.

Hopefully that is not the case and we can see STEEM go on a nice run in the not too distant future.

It seems odd to me that Justin Sun would acquire all of this only to let it die...

My guess is there an Act II at some point here...

Stay informed my friends.



We might see when the hive exodus will be ended.

That will take some time yet... probably till about July or so.

I've got part of my STEEM powerdown coming in 2 days. I'm welcoming a pump with widely open arms.

Bittrex doesn't really encourage buying or selling any coins with their very high minimum trade limits... They basically want only the big players around.

Bittrex needs all the small traders to push Steem price up.

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