STEEM gets a new exchange listing

in DLIKE2 months ago

The MXC Exchange announced they are listing STEEM

Finally, STEEM gets a new exchange listing.

At a time when many exchanges still have their wallets for STEEM disabled, the MXC Exchange announced a new listing for STEEM.

Check it out:


Not only that, but STEEM will be tradable on margin...

That is the first time in STEEM's history that it will be tradable with margin.

This is a very big development for STEEM and hopefully it gets a few more exchange listings as things move forward.

Stay informed my friends.



Oh we'll that's good news for STEEM!!!!

Do you know if they accept accounts from people domiciled in the USA?

I believe they do, but I haven't tried to set one up yet. I plan on it though.