It doesn't matter if STEEM pumps if none of the Exchange Wallets are working...

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STEEM looks like it may be basing for a big move up

It won't matter if STEEM takes off if you can't transfer it anywhere.

Your only option will be to buy or sell it on the exchange with funds already there.


Hopefully that changes at some point here, especially if STEEM does go on a run...

Stay informed my friends.



In some strange way, it's a bit like watching the snow melt in spring... we're going to reach a point where there is no more snow. JS will have total control... over an asset that has no value and can't be traded anywhere.

For now, I'm using a pretty convoluted way to "bootstrap" some Steem out of the system...

You can sell Steem on Huobi global which has the highest volume.

US based users allowed to trade there?

Not sure, i am from Europe.

Either Steem or the users run... Eventually one of the exchanges will re-enable wallets or a new exchange lists Steem.