uSTEEM Promotion Contest #22 - Promote Steem on Twitter - 150 STEEM PRIZE

in DLIKE2 years ago (edited)

by @disconnect

Greetings to you all creative steemers in the beautiful world of steemit,,I believe you are all having a great time at where you reside. As for me, i am good and am glad to know that the members of this community are fine too.

I am blogging irrespective of the non-stop contests organized by the #dlike, this CONTEST indeed is an interesting one that has given the steemit users the avenue to create awareness on the pretty deeds Steemit platform offers!.

It yet another opportunity I got to share my advertisement on reaching out people about Steemit and am super thrilled...


Join STEEMIT. Share your creativity and earn money. The members of steemit will Love to read your quality post. Teach us how to embrace our success, How you made you recipe, What we should do to stay healthy, and lot's of the skills. And earn money.

You are a student and you need money urgently instead of calling home to peace off parent heart nor call a sister that is not yet stable, why don't you embrace yourself in the beautiful world of steemit. Come to steemit, write about your school experience,
How your lectures and daily activities go and you would be rewarded handsomely with steemit tokens to support yourself.
Fear not! Steemit is legit.
The platform has given its users the avenue to share contents, explore and grow.

If you are a woman who needs money for her upkeep? instead of selling yourself out just for N3000, why don't you join the best platform Steemit, share and earn money to support yourself a bit and not depending much on people. Don't you think they all worked for the money? Be an independable woman even support your spouse on that reason you would be respected.

John steemit, share good quality post that would benefits others while reading and earn your silent money. Steemit is for all don't feel you can't write, believe in yourself, you can make...start from somewhere and you would sure get to an extent...your success lies in you, bring it now by exploring the steemit platform to compete with lady and gents all over the world through writing and know your areas of specialization... Am currently on a advert contest organized by #dlike and #steem. The contest is just for #Dlike community in the steemit chain.

How do you join this platform?

First you can go to this website of @dlike and register for free through your email id.
I hope you will be very happy to know the platform.

vote for @dlike witness


CQdwDW6BZfWYLdk5hd5eSNDgZVLCHRDpp62yvZ9ibHdfABYJiw2GeqyzLEr9m3L (1).png

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