So, Do the COVID-19 Vaccines Really Work?

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Having read this article, you should be concerned about the following issues: 

Why vaccinate the people when the 'vaccine' is expected to only eliminate or reduce the symptoms of Covid-19 and not prevent them from contracting the disease?

A vaccinated person may contract Covid-19 and yet may not know he/she has Covid-19 and therefore can easily spread it to others. Imagine millions of vaccinated people freely moving around innocently spreading the disease to others. 

Since vaccinated persons won't have symptoms, does that mean they also cannot die of the disease if they contract the disease? It is like saying that a cancer patient without symptoms cannot die of cancer!

If symptoms are eliminated or reduced, does that mean the symptoms are suppressed so that they don't show up? Does that also mean that if the symptoms do, for some reason, surface later, it will be so severe that a quick and decisive death is certain? 


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