STEEM Promotion Contest #24 - Promote Steem on Twitter - 150 STEEM PRIZE

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Hello Steemians!

We are starting 24th contest this week. This week prize is 150 STEEM with 5 each for 30 winners. You must share your post link here in comments.

Important - You must invite 3 other steem users to this contest in your post .

Winners of Contest #23

Following 24 accounts are winners of last week contest who get 5 STEEM each. Many users did not resteem this post or their posts were low standard and without tagging of 3 friends so we have selected only good posts as winning ones.

@sshila - @mukka - @tulip1 - @msharif - @sikan-eyen - @gorllara - @radoan - @kataali - @steemdg - @miinah123 - @piini - @aisha567 - @babadawuda - @shoharif - @ripon0630 - @steemit-fairy - @hamad222 - @shafqathussain - @mukadas - @artist1111 - @shohana1 - @aminasafdar - @monirhossen - @habdallah

Why this?

Our goal is to reach more and more users on social media and tell them how good steem has been so far as people doing excellent on steem with their creativity in content writing.

What you have to do?

We have kept this contest simple so every steem user can take part and play his role in further success of steem.

You simply have to make a tweet on with your focus of telling twitter users how good steem has been for you and how good it can be for other users. Then write a post here on steem in DLIKE community with your tweet adding in it and explaining users the good of steem. Tell new comers how quickly they can join steem freely on within seconds and start their journey on steem.

  • You have to use tags #steem and #dlike in your tweet.
  • You must use tags #steemonrise and #dlike in your post.
  • Post must be written in dlike community
  • You must try to make your tweet viral with retweets and likes.
  • Prize Money?

    For this contest we have allocated 150 steem which we will distribute among 30 best promoters equally 5 steem each.

    Contest will end on Sunday 27th March at 12pm GMT.

    @disconnect - @steemcurator01 - @stephenkendal - @steemchiller

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    I really appreciate this idea of promoting steemit on Twitter, maybe we could even host space on Twitter, I think that would be very effective also. I will join this contest.

    Hello @dlike, I hope you are doing okay. Kindly consider supporting @Campusconnectng with any amount of steempower delegation.

    Campus connect is a growing community of college students around the world. We are focused on promoting steemit on campus and creating a community space for students. We are seriously interested in building our community curation power to at least 100kSP, we appreciate steem power delegations and would offer 0.5Steem/1KSP daily on curation rewards.

    This way you will be able to maximize your steempower delegation. I would also love to reach you on discord, that is if you find it appropriate.

    We kindly request your support.

    CC @whitestallion

    #ContestAlerts #winwithsteem

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    nice 👍👍

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