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Hello Steemians!

After a bit of delay on updates, DLIKE has many things to share.

DLIKE DEX - A Layer of SE

As per our commitment with DLIKE users, DLIKE dev team has come up with a trading solution for DLIKER and DLIKEM in the form of DLIKE dex which is a layer of steem engine. It has user SE wallet as well as facility to trade other tokens and claim rewards as well. We are already working to add deposit and withdrawls with less fees. Also one click option to claim all rewards will be added. In addition candle chart is also being added.
we are looking for your suggestions to further improve the dex and make it more user friendly.


Steemconnect replaced by STEEM Login

With recent developments of steem, after exile of steemconnect, DLIKE has decided to use STEEM Login which is developed by Futureshock (@futurewitness). We are thankful to @hightouch for helping us in the implementation. We will work with Futureshock team to make this login system simpler and easier for users.

DLIKE Backup witness and SEED Node

To make DLIKE witness node more reliable, we have added backup witness node. In addition DLIKE seed node is also live with location in Germany --> seednode.dlike.io:2001

Beneficiaries Rewards Reduced

We are always committed to our community development so in past we had to set higher beneficiary rewards for fulfilling expenses. Now as our community has trusted DLIKE to be a witness of steem, so we will be lowering the beneficiary rewards from 11% to 7.5%. Due to recent epidemic of crona virus we have decided to increase charity reward from 2% to 2.5% which is set on @dlike.fund. So total beneficiary rewards is decreased from 13% to 10%.

Beneficiaries Reward For Affiliates

DLIKE has decided to introduce more income stream for affiliates. For this we will be setting 2.% out of 7.5% to affiliates. This will ensure passive income for all affiliates as they will earn 2.5% beneficiary rewards from all the posts of their referred users.

DLIKE Android App - Ready to Be Live

We are already working on a remake of android app which will have more features than it had in past especially steem communities will be added with comment and upvote facility. We are sure to get it live on Google Play Store in first week of May.

DLIKER market link on DLIKE dex --> https://dex.dlike.io/?p=market&t=DLIKER

DLIKE Daily Reward Pool (7000 DLIKE)

You can check your DLIKE daily reward pool details --> https://dlike.io/rewards

DLIKE Tokens Staking

You can stake your DLIKE tokens to earn 25% bonus (180 days) and 9% bonus (90 days) --> https://dlike.io/staking

We are thankful to @fundition for all the support of upcoming developments.

 @supergiant | @devann | @shellyduncan | @vimukthi | @steemyoda | @steemshiro | @mtimetraveller | @bitshares101 | @hijosdelhombre

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Thank you for the great update guys, and Kudo to Futureshock for their work on SteemLogin.

Ofcourse Futureshock doing excellent work. STEEM login will improve a lot in coming weeks to make it easiest way of login for users!

The development is good, but there is another good if the @dlike application is developed for IoS.

After launch of android we will definitely give IOS version!

Good work.
Thank you for replying.

Good developments, especially for the node.

How to plan to distribute charity rewards?

@pennsif, thnx, we will definitely add new charities into existing ones!

Which charities do you have so far?

Right now we are working with 2 in Pakistan

Nice to see you guys donating on charity , We (@bdcommunity) also running fundraising to donate here

We will be into this. I will get in touch on discord!

Greetings @dlike... Thank you for the information.

Saludos @dlike… Gracias por la información.

gracias amigo!

Thanks for your hard work and dedication :)

@donekim thnx, DLIKE is committed to ensure best dapp! Thanks for your support!

Thanks for your kind words and also thanks to the whole devs and members who stand behind Steem!
The Dlike Dex is pretty smooth, and I'm excited to see the android app coming.

We still have lot of things to do but Rome wasn't built in a day right. So I go back to work :)

Thanks again!



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I'm very much looking forward for the Android app. A solid app can help gain more users. Make sure to put it on https://www.producthunt.com for extra exposure when the app goes live.

Sure we will! Thanks @vimukthi for being a long live supporter of DLIKE!

Great News, a really hard working team, i been waiting for this, im excited about the app that will be available in playstore.

Welcome back as DLIKE team is always dedicated to serve the best!

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