DLIKE Announcement Update - Conversion of DLIKE tokens to DLIKER

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Hello Steemians!

As per our last announcement, we had initiated conversion of DLIKE tokens to DLIKER. You can check the announcement here

Till now out of 92,915,110 DLIKE tokens, conversion request has been made for 25,558,681 tokens. This shows most of the users may have missed the announcement. In addition to this, we also received requests from our proud community members to increase conversion time so we have decided to add one more week before we close the conversion. Now the time frame for conversion of DLIKE tokens into DLIKER will be next Sunday, 19th July, 12:00 PM GMT.

We hope all remaining users will act accordingly to convert their DLIKE tokens in timely manner.

How to convert?

To convert your DLIKE tokens visit
We are also converting all ETH ERC20 based DLIKE tokens to DLIKER as we will burn out this ERC20 token, so make sure to convert all of your ETH based tokens as well.

For any support regarding token conversion, please contact us on discord

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Hey I converted them, and how long does it take?

Hello my dear
I hope all of your affairs are fine
I hope you will visit my page and support me with all love and affection, and I will be grateful for that. Greetings

Well, after Dlike token conversion to dliker how someone can become pro member? through Dliker tokens or any other way

It will be through DLIKER token as all posts and curation on steem of DLIKE will be through DLIKER

How to find my dlike token? I see my wallet, there is no dlike token. Im pretty sure I have dlike token last year.
Please tell me

how convert them, i have 625 dlike but i have no option of covering

It seems that @dlike just destroyed our tokens. Very disappointing.

Why not just convert all the token? Why the extra effort of requiring to sign up? Why such tight one / two week timeline?

Considering that these tokens have had value destroying them is not OK.

Why no posts for 9 months?