The Inevitability Of Bitcoin Supremacy

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Bitcoin has risen from the dead so many times, it makes Lazarus look lazy..

To add to this, we would like to say that Bitcoin has risen from the dead for more than 400 times, without Jesus calling out, "Bitcoin, come out!"

Like any other Bitcoin supporter, I believe in the brilliance that's baked into Bitcoin at the technical level.

Yes, we believe in that too. Isn't is high time we ignore doubting Thomases.

And we "believers'' are no longer alone. Bitcoin is now being embraced by everyone from institutions to governments to ordinary savers.

Finally the "believers" are being vindicated. But why this growing pains, which could have been avoided.

But who says you need a green light from the government before you start putting funds into a safe haven?

This takes the cake, for being the best expression in the whole article.

With businesses like Tesla, J.P. Morgan and Goldman Sachs buying big tranches of Bitcoin and opening trading desks, and as loose monetary policy erodes fiat's value yet further, we're already a long way down the road to reserve currency status.

Yet, there are still people around asking, "How secure is Bitcoin?" instead of asking, "How secure is Fiat?" Sad.

There's another key driver of adoption that's rarely mentioned. It's often forgotten that politicians are people too, and if they're smart their financial advisors will be urging them to hedge against the coming one world currency, one world tax system, and ever-surveilled economic paradigm with bitcoin. The government's hypocrisy is going to become increasingly evident as governments continue to speak against bitcoin when its own members have holdings themselves.

Hypocrisy is second nature to politicians. The sooner we realize it the better it will be for us.

And it is my hope that governments will engage in constructive dialogue with those who understand Bitcoin's technological and monetary characteristics. Postponing the inevitable does no favors for anyone, but through engagement and collaboration we can build a new economy that's fit for our increasingly digitally-connected lives.

Wise advice, indeed. Would they listen and engage?  


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