Love Is Not Lust

Love is one of the most important thing life is centered on. We love God our parents our siblings our spouse and ourselves. But that four letter word love is much more than what people think it is. Most people have LUST which is love for the outward looks for material things and lots more but mistake it for LOVE.
Love is patient and kind, love is humble love is sacrificial, love is trust, love is fogiving, love is accepting just the way it is nomata what.

There are different kinds of love.
Storge :empathy bond which is the ability to understand the way someone feels and return it by loving them.

Philia – friend bond which is what we have for friends

Eros – romantic love. This is the love between husband and wife, boyfriend and girlfriend.
Agape love is the most important of them all. This love made God give us his only son to die for the sins of humanity the sins of the past present and future. Even when we dont deserve it john 3:16. His love gives us unspeakable mercy and grace. Agape love admonishes us to love our enemies. This leads every other kind of love.
So lets all focus on the agape love and not mistake love for lust.