Feeling Like Starting From Square One... I Woke With A Desire To Write

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Just Writing From The Heart As Always My Opinion And Concerns, Thoughts And Hopes, Worries And Desires, Writings and Ramblings, Are My Own And Not To Be Considered Anything More


Feeling Like Starting From Square One...

It is not completely true, but it is how I feel! New platform, new journey? At least somehow in my mind that was what I had imagined, possibly even some of you had the same thoughts? Yet, it doesn’t seem to be the case even in the slightest just new rules to the same old game ....

.... Now this piece might get me a little flak, I awoke just now from a nap after work with an idea in my mind and a desire to write so ....

.... of circle jerking votes and leveraging supports. Blah I’m guilty as charge as are most I speak with on either platform yet that is in itself what I had hoped to get away from. During the fuss and fumble, downtime and drama I started poking my head around to see what other platform are doing and how they operate without. Not just the STEEM/HIVE situation lead me to looking but the SMOKE situation as well. It seems to me our DPoS systems are plagued with issues in one form or another.

Shocked I was to find such variety available and I have been signing up and toying with everything I come across, expanding so you could say... how many platforms do you cross-post too?

My conclusion is each platform has a perk but I do not like feeling as if I’m starting from square one. I have 2 years of experience creating now so it is not completely true but it is how I feel. Even the switch from STEEM to HIVE the dynamic is different, something is missing and I cannot put my finger on it... ohh yea that’s right, THE TRIBES! Same people, same games, different rules and I’m not sure what they are.

Not to forget the loss of my STEEM Whale Trail as I dubbed you guys/gals in a video, the support over the years has been deeply appreciated. Now I assume there is consumption of my content going on thus you have seen my posts progress. What I remember thinking back to the times at my worst, when I started turning to writing as an outlet, is those heart felt post I made about some seriously personal shit! How well they were received particularly by you unknown entity’s. I would love to connect more with you guys, somehow, I am not even sure if there was ever a channel of communication open in the first place 😅 maybe I would like to keep it that way?

Let me explain!

When you know the person the support has come from it is obviously easy to associate reciprocation. As we are social beings it is in our learned nature to do such in a natural act of social leveraging. Without knowing the recipient what do we do with the impulse to reciprocate? Do we horde that feeling and desire to ourselves? Not I, which I have written about in great detail. It’s almost as if immediately being put in the position of asking myself, pay it forwards or take my cut? The not knowing is key to influence. For only the subject of content is able to be reviewed for clues as to what is appreciated. What little detail can I discover to leverage my content further. Yet when knowing the individual it’s immediately presumed partially social ties which leads me to feeling like I’m starting from square one.

Not in my content creation, 2 years under my belt, but in my vision for the perfect platform and the journey to get there. I don’t have a full working picture but massive reform was never a thought before. Putting it plainly, determination by Stake is the issue I see. From UV/DV to blockchain governance there must be a better system, some form of metric we can trust as a trust-less system. What happened with STEEM? Trust got the better of us all no matter what side you fall on it has led up to everything that transpired. We all trusted Ned, we all trusted our witnesses, we all still seem to trust each other... but why is that necessary?

Natural human behaviour and we need some system that can adapt and safeguard for ever searching and evolving attacks on our trust. We are the people on lockdown and that virus is trying to find a way fucking in! It comes in many forms and takes many faces yet somehow manages to hide just like the hidden supportive entity’s, same game different intentions. This leads me to wonder why the necessity of the blank accounts with concluding many possible outcomes.

What I take away from them all is a necessity to hide and survive, like a virus maybe? One offsetting the other but both viruses as we want real people and engagement. Conclusion being the problem is not the UV/DV itself but where it comes from, curation that can be tracked which also then can be leveraged. It’s as if some form of anonymous tipping needs to be implemented kinda like Whaleshares or Publish0x or Uptrends or .... you get the point.

Some will say “get over the stigma” others “disagree with rewards value” yet I think the issue itself comes from the ability to “act negatively” and have influence in conducting others in doing so in the name of community...


You bring up some valid questions. I'm kinda floating right now and dealing with the whole stay at home thing. Life has stalled for many things. I had hoped Steem would be different than the past platforms I wrote on, but again greed took over.

Seems that is in human nature and those of us that believe otherwise get led astray in their pursuits... though I have doubts I remain hopeful at least that I will find my way no matter what that entails....

Thanks for stopping in!

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