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Morning Time

Last night I sleep late hence woke up at late at 10 AM. No exercise today due to late, so I fresh up and had morning tea with hot chapati(Indian roti).

As a daily routine, I started the computer and accessed Steemit, Indian Crypto exchanges WazirX, BuyUcoin, and TradingView.

The Crypto looks flat today no major spoke at up and down. The Indian stock market looks pretty good for the especially my holding stocks.

Today morning I tried to put one order in the Indian stock market for options and tomorrow is an expiry, The options trading at a high price and I set my order at a very deep low. Then I continued monitoring.

Afternoon Time

My official time started, so I started my office laptop and logged into the official portal. I checked emails and found no new emails, but I have some pending emails from yesterday which I keep for today, so worked on all those emails and completed them in a couple of hours.

I go for lunch, after lunch, I come back to my desk and check whether my trade executed or not because Indian market time reaches to end, my trade did not execute which is expected, so for tomorrow I set my order today itself after market time end, this is after market order.

Todays Order Page In Indian Stock Market

Then I continued working on official work.

Evening Time

Don't know how but I was feeling cold and sleepy so I kelp office laptop at the side and sleep on a bed. Luckily father wake up me and when I look at the wall clock, I see that I slept for an hour and I imagined it just 10-15 minutes.

After wake up, I quickly checked emails and Microsoft Teams to see anyone pinged me which I may miss, but no one pinged and no new email.

Then I made evening tea and had it.

My manager has set up an urgent meeting on Microsoft Teams to discuss few points when I see a prompt I joined the meeting and I was the only first since it is urgent so no one joined so the manager told me to call those to see if they can join. I called everyone and they all joined the meeting, the manager has set few points and wanted to discuss and from my side, I give my view and everyone agreed with that, the meeting ends in 30 minutes.

My office time has ended, so logged out from the official portal and off the office laptop. After that, the crypto market already opened on my computer so I was monitoring, I am also thinking to make my application post into the new contest organized by Steemitblog, The Steemit Crypto Professors, so spend some time to preparing the topics.

At 10.30 PM I go for dinner and now ready to sleep. This is how my day ends here.

Thank You.


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