THE DIARY GAME | 26/12/2020

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This is my 15th post in the diary game series.

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Saturday is here and I am thinking of covering a lot of ground now. And not going to waste my time on tasks that do not matter. I managed to get the breakfast and the daily routine done before the 10 am. And now I have moved towards the work from home routine. So far it is a bit getting difficult for me for managing the morning more productively.

I had one meeting on zoom for some time and we had the schedule lined up for the work online. It was kind of slow for me but I managed to get the tasks in written. And this week going to work as the Monday comes in. That being said, it was good to keep working till the afternoon.


I managed to get the cooking prep done. I had no neighbors in entire block. So I was the only person in the house in the apartment. And it kind of creeped me out despite me being in the apartment with security. Sometimes you kind of feel alone and scared even if it is afternoon.

I went out today and also purchased few magazines to read while I was out in subway for eating the bread. It also had a good salad which I consumed. 31st is coming closer. And thing is that a lot of work needs to be done before the year ends for me.


I managed to cook pretty simple food. Nothing big and nothing fancy for the oily stuff. Just plain old cooking. And also got my rounds after the cooking. Which I do so as to keep the health. I have also managed to write the diary and things are getting slow as usual. I also had a bit of blood pressure like feeling.

I need to go out more and also have more routine in my mind. So as to get me off the stress and hopefully my life gets back in order once this corona pandemic goes away. So just holding on for something positive.

And that's a wrap now. Thank you for reading.



A very nice day you had. I also cook today in Dinner, Chicken Chilly Gravy.

#india #affable

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