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sunrise view from hill nearest to our home

🍁Good Morning🍁

The morning was perfect today. I woke up at 4am. This was so much earlier than my usual. I wanted to see the sunrise today. When I get outside there wasn't any rain or fog. A perfect condition for my target. Me with my brother went put and started walking to the nearest hill in our area. It was 2 kilometers away. We reached on the top at 5am.

Then we had the beautyful scene of rising sun.
After spending some more time sitting there and chatting we returned to home and reached here at 9am. Then we had breakfast.

I was very sleepy as it was not usual to wake up so early. So I fall to bed for a little more after reading the newspaper.

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After having lunch at 1.30pm I sat in front of my study tabe and took a paper and started drawing a portrait of actor from game of thrones series. I worked for 3 hours straight and then stopped.

After that I logged into steemit and had some upvoting and checking out everything.
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🍁Good Evening🍁

Evening was very normal.
Played some football on the frontyard.
Had tea and snacks
Watched some tv.
Then I took my mobile and logged into instagram and checked some feeds.

Had dinner at 9pm
Good night guys
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Thank you

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