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Morning special Chappathi and Chicken curry

🍁Good Morning🍁

Today we had special chappathi and chicken curry for breakfast. It is not so often buying chicken in our home. And we prefer fish over chicken.

After breakfast I started studying mathematics. All the exams are withheld,which is making me so nervous in my studies. Still I am pushing myself so hard to do the job, and especially there is nothing else to do now.

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Lunch was at 2pm.

As the lockdown by government is keep extending day by day everyday is starting to seems so boring. The only relief is steemit and I thing this might have been also impacted on the arrival of newcomers into this platform and that is good too.

I had a nap for 2 hours in the noon. Then after waking up I had tea and snacks. Then I played pes2021 football game with my brother.
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🍁Good Evening🍁

Evening was very much as usual. Played in the front yard with brothers some time. Had a bath then. After that watched some Tv. Then I streamed into Disney to watch the new marvel series Lokki.
It was very good show and my wonder was that how they are getting so much complex stories like these.
After dinner I went to bed early. So that was my wasteful day.
Good night guys
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Thank you

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