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Hello friends I went on a vacation that's whypast few days I was not active on Steemit but now I'm back with more energy. So let's start with my Diary game post.

Welcome, all to my today's #thediarygame post.



Morning Time

Today I wake up a bit near about 8:30 am only. Now since I'm in a first shift in this whole week, so I have to wake up early now.

After waking up I brush teeth, then as usual I get fresh, Take a bath and have my breakfast. while having breakfast I log in at 9:00 am. I checked the opening bell of the stock market at 9:15 am and also checked the performance of my crypto holdings.


Afternoon Time

In the afternoon, as usual I had my lunch at lunchtime only i.e. 12:30 pm and after having my lunch, Today I have chicken for lunch. After the lunch I have the daily scheduled calls & meetings which I have to attend so I attende all the calls and meetings.

After finishing my meeting I don't have any major work today just some miner task are there which hardly take 10-15 minutes. So I just finished those works and now I'm free for the day.

Evening Time

In the Afternoon I log out at 6:00 pm. After a logout. Like yesterday today as well it's raining outside. That's why today's also I can't go anywhere. Near about 9:00 pm I had my dinner and after dinner, as usual, I go and feed the dogs and start working on my diary game post. After finishing the post I go to sleep.


Fitness Activity

Today also I can't score the minimum required step count to post my acitifit report card on steemit as because of the rain I didn't go anywhere out.That's why today I not posted my report card on Steemit. Currently, I have a total of 29337 AFIT tokens in my actifit wallet.


Screenshot of my actifit wallet
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Thank you for reading my post!
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