Hope in God

Hope is said to be the desire accompanied with a belief that is attainable, a trust or confident expectation of attainment.

When we have promise from God or any reliable source, and that promise does not come immediately, then we exercise hope that our expectations will surely come, mostly when the source of our hope is a trusted one.

Example, is our hope of rapture, the coming of the Lord Jesus, our total redemption from the body of sin.

Expectations not yet granted calls for continual hope, so keep your hope alive in God and in every expectation, be hopeful.

  • Things to note about "Hope":
  • Hope is the gift of the holy spirit and it is the essential characteristic of the Christian person.
  • Only those born of the spirit have this lively hope.
  • This hope does not stop at mere desires and expectations but it includes trust, confidence and refuge in the God of good hope.
  • The hope that is waiting for the glorious appearing of Jesus Christ demands our purity.
  • The blessed hope has its root in the resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ and can only be found in a true believer.



Hope is one of the great virtues of the Christian faith which the believers should cherish and keep alive.

Since we have yet obtained many of the promises that God made to us, we have to exercise our hope and faith till they arrive.

Romans 5:5 says ;And hope does not put us to shame, because God’s love has been poured out into our hearts through the Holy Spirit, who has been given to us.

Your hope couple with love and faith will lead you towards maturity in your Christian Life. So have hope in God.

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