Greetings brothers and friends,

At last the night came here in Venezuela. Today has really been a very long day since in the morning, the Venezuelan government announced that there are 2 confirmed cases of coronavirus, I was on the street, I still did not know the news, I went to a pharmacy to buy antibacterial that I always have it in my bag because my little daughter gets very dirty, when I entered the pharmacy, the line was long, there was no antibacterial, I noticed that people were stressed. I went to another pharmacy and people were like desperate grabbing alcohol, antibacterial, hydrogen peroxide, they were selling an antibacterial kit with a covers mouths, and the line was long. I left there amazed by the commotion, I went to look for my daughter at school and when I got home I found out about the news.

In recent days, people have passed memes and make jokes about the coronavirus, but today people panicked. The president announced measures, and among them, he asked not to leave the house if it was not necessary, and they prohibited public events, however today I think there were more people on the street.

Every Friday I buy the dressings for the week's food, and in the last few months I buy oranges for my daughters in a market that they make close to where I live because they are cheaper. Today I went to buy the dressings and the oranges... I didn't get an orange, there was no lemon either... The boy told me that the lemon and the orange were the first thing they took after the president gave the announcements in the morning, I came to My house, and the messages by the whatsapp groups have not stopped coming, send so much information that my phone has been restarted several times. The most surprising thing for me has been that the messages of faith are few. All the messages are alarming and with a background of anguish.


I thank God, because despite this type of news, we have peace, when our full faith is centered in God, we can have peace, He has given us many promises and we must hold on to them, trusting in the power of Him.

One of the promises that we must declare at this time is in Psalm 91, where we can read that anyone who takes shelter of God and makes him his refuge, no plague will come to his house. He cares for us, protects us and shows us his infinite love in these moments.

He will glorify in all this, that is my faith !!!


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Yeah of a truth God has our back covered, he sure do know how to take care of his own.
The bibles say a thousand shall fall by your right and ten thousand by your left hut it won't come close to your dwelling.

Personally i call him Jehovah overdo. No one teaches him what to do. So do not worry the virus won't come near to your dwelling.

I pray God's protection over you and all that concerns you.
And for those already affected at Venezuela may God give them quick recovery. Amen.

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Yes, the amount of panic and worry across the world in recent times is quite extraordinary. And in these times we see the worst and best of human nature. There’s people who are being greedy and selfish, concerned for themselves and buying way more than they need. But there’s also others who are sacrificially giving their help to others whenever they can.

I feel as Christians we shouldn’t be like those who are living in fear and panic, but we should shine the light of Christ and seek God for His help.

Blessings to you and your family.

I tried to go back to the Philippines but cannot go because of cancellation of flights. Schools are closed and even some churches won’t have services. The news media loves to feed our fears. But you and I have power and love and sound mind in Christ. Blessings sis!

It's Sunday once again, and I thought of reading my booklet with God's passages as well. I like the Psalms in the Bible because it gives a lot of encouragement and it makes us feel that God loves and cares for us and it is where we can talk with God and say words with respect to Him and read beautiful poems from David and give praise to Him as well.

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Hello @blessed-girl, beautiful declaration of faith, our trust in God keeps us calm knowing that he is in control of everything.