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RE: Reintroduction for a new steem community!

in Homesteading7 months ago

Hey, @nateonsteemit sounds like the way forward being self-sufficient, experiencing and co-creating .

What's the weather like over your way in Texas? We have coped a bit of rain here lately down under in Sunny Queensland

I have been off steem myself for a while so just finding my bearings again. You got a few acres your way? I've grown up on the land since a youngster but have moved more into the City and Coastal hinterland area's at the moment.


Oh, you'll have to get to know @riverflows then! Currently travelling the world, she's based in oz too, somewhere on one of the coasts.

I'm on half an acre here, the weather is gorgeous. 20sC all week after a warm wet winter, we're due a cool wet summer according to the almanac. Loving the moment as much as I can!

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