Awesome News For The Homesteading Community! Curie Curation Coming Soon!

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Hello Everyone!


Yesterday I got some wonderful news that the Curie Project will be curating content in the Homesteading Community as part of their new community curation model that they recently announced in the Curie Community and on their main Curie account page.

If you are unfamiliar with the @Curie Project then I highly suggest reading the full article detailing their new community curation model but below I am including a few excerpts from that article just to give you an idea of why I am so excited about the Homesteading Community being chosen for curation!

When Project Curie first formed in the summer of 2016, Steem was a very different place. There was no organisation, and 90+% votes were given to a handful of users by a handful of whales. Newbies with good content and engagement were left undiscovered, eventually to give up and leave.

The goal of Curie was to use delegated Steem Power from benevolent whales who were not interested in or skilled at curating, but recognized that curation is crucial for Steem, and offer it to talented curators who may not have the stakeholding to distribute significant votes. Broadly, the target was to kickstart a thriving ecosystem of curation with many curation projects and curators, as well as to encourage and retain the most engaged and creative content creators.

Curie will share 100% of curation rewards back to curators, which is a sustainable financial model. Additional surplus from witnessing will go towards community building and development as always.

As you can see from the above excerpts the @Curie Project is a well organized curation project that has successfully done what they do for the last several years!

@Curie is also a Witness and are well worth your consideration for giving them a Witness vote.

That concludes this exciting announcement and I am looking forward to seeing this community continue to grow and become the vibrant place that I know it has the potential to become!


Please consider joining the Homesteading Community here:

Please consider Subscribing to the Homesteaders Badge here:

Please consider joining the Curie Community here:


Cheers and Much Love!
From The Homesteading Admin: @jacobpeacock


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Hi @jacobpeacock

Are you somehow related to curie? Just curious :)

Hi @crypto.piotr

They recently (three days ago) offered to curate in my Homesteading community and I accepted the offer.

Otherwise no, besides them occasionally curating some of my personal blog posts in the past.

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