Dear Justin Sun - (@justinsuntron / @justinsunsteemit) - My (@wwwiebe) open letter to you!

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Dear Justin Sun - (@justinsuntron / @justinsunsteemit) - My (@wwwiebe) open letter to you!

Mr. Sun:

I do not know you, and you do not know me. I know of you only through your public actions and reputation. You would not know me at all.

When I first heard - a few months back - of the potential takeover of Steemit by Tron, I was intrigued. I honestly felt there was a lot of synergy. At the time I knew even less of you than I know now, but I was a little familiar with Tron, and I thought there was the potential for some good synergy.

As time went by, however, and you ultimately made your purchase, it because very clear very quick that you did not know much of how the Steem ecosystem works (I am going to define ecosystem as separate from the blockchain, which I would like to think you understand), and that you were really in this only to make money. You know, I respect that. I have absolutely nothing against anyone wanting to make money, no matter how large or how small.

I do, however, take issue when anyone making money at the expense of others. That makes you much less a man by my standards.

I can see that your pride has been hurt by now: it's obvious in that you refuse to engage personally with the current Steem witnesses and that you keep sending yes-men to stall for you. It's also clear that your goal is to keep stalling until you've managed to chip away at enough of the witness spots that you can claim a 17 witness majority and then do whatever you'd like to do to the blockchain.

I'm sorry that you're butt-hurt. I'm sorry that your fragile ego has been bruised by a bunch of anarchists. I'm sorry that you've suffered a few humiliating embarrassments in the span of a short time by now. And I'm sorry that your pride is going to prevent you from letting this situation heal and build a path for everyone to be successful.

It's very clear that the public sentiment against you is getting to you - you have been on a tear blocking people on twitter who may say nasty things about you. Buddy, if you're going to be in the public eye, you need to learn to have a thick skin. Maybe it's time to grow up emotionally and quit thinking that a boyish smile is going to get you through everything.

It's time for you, sir, to mature enough and become the leader that you so desperately want people to take you for. Leaders are able to lead. To date, all you have done is throw a hissy fit. Become a leader and people will follow. Throw a hissy fit and people will mock you. Please, for your own sake, stop being so mockable.

The mess can be fixed. You have the power.


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I completely agree with you

 7 months ago 

Collective growth with bright minds made Steem.

Agree this business deal has soured, discussion needed for the greater good, much more than one person relying on a positive outcome.

Very well said @joanstewart! I think the majority of us were excited and had positive vibes when the news that the deal was being considered and later when it was confirmed the deal had been made, and we as a community felt like it was a good thing, and that working together would produce great results for both TRON ans #steem. Alas, this guy is just a complete failure at negotiation, and if he can't have his way, he attacks. He's hopeless IMO.

 7 months ago 

Reaction has been perturbing to witness one minute excited, flaunting his purchase to Tron community, then doing the most odd obscure business leaving a trail of doubt. Majority now questioning his actual ability in this type of business.

 7 months ago 

I think he actually did have a plan, but I think three things happened:

  1. I don't think he was informed that the Steem stake he was purchasing was intended for development, not for voting
  2. I think he viewed himself as some sort of "saviour" to the Steem community, and when the community viewed him as a threat instead, he got confused and panicked.
  3. He was simply not prepared to deal with a large group of intelligent anarchists.

Similarly, I don't think the Steem community - and the witness in particular - were expecting him to be irrational and lose his fucking mind.

 7 months ago 

Simply put KYC before entering a large business deal, very well summarized Victor.

 7 months ago 

Sadly, this reminds me of the current American President. It seems to be "the new thing".

The way I see it now, is his just going to buy his way into power and bribe a few a long the way until he gets his way and ports this project to Tron blockchain and be done with it. Will then use more money to smooth things over by "supporting" users using his new steemitron

 7 months ago 

Yes! I agree completely. I think that is precisely is current game plan.

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