Day-825-Freewrite Poker Thursday Cleft

Below is my five minute #freewrite on today's prompt: cleft

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Well tonight was poker night and we only had five guys playing. We had salmon for dinner that Dan prepared, along with corn on the cob, red potatoes, green beans, and brown rice. Chips and dips to munch on with our usual deer sausage. Poker was slow tonight and I couldn't get any momentum. I would have a great hand, a Royal Flush, and then Mr. Perfect Cleft Chin Gene would kick my ass with five Kings. Yes we play with wild cards, but I should have caught on that he had a better hand, by his betting. I'm the young guy in the group and sometimes there's more talking than playing by the guys. I can only blame myself but I'll get them in February, I'm bringing a couple of bottles of wine! 🍷

Freewrite by Bruni

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Nice writing!

 2 months ago 

You go get em with the wine night Bruni. Nice free write!

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A bad night's play for you, but rich in plates of food. It's a good thing there's a rematch in February.