Gravy face in the rain (Powerhousecreatives contest)

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I don't do New Year’s resolutions so this was a hard one for me to write about...

Image by USA-Reiseblogger from Pixabay

There are no voices, as there is no mind; but sometimes, one twiddles their thumbs for the most inordinately long time thinking about their New Year’s resolution, until eventually, one goes for a smoke under the stars, and wonders about other things big and small.

Trying to think around anything in a parabolic state of euphoria or otherwise is not the easiest thing to do, but it is possible; so never give up when you try something new for the first time, or the second time, or however many times.

You know, all is moving, nothing is fixed; and there are no wires for thinking in generalities as specific as you can make them most of the time, no matter how deep base the violin is.

But if when moving under the stars you find yourself funding your very own footsteps in the sand and banging some drum of disturbance, don’t be surprised if you end up the subservient and begging for another hand-out which is not the best New year’s resolution, not by a long way.

Image by Joan Cabras from Pixabay

When the rain comes, hold out your hands.

If the wind blows all your troubles away, let it.

Are we looking to expect what we want, or are we looking for another pass?

Image by S. Hermann & F. Richter from Pixabay

On the subatomic level where none of this matters; other things are going on that seem fantastic, but are nonetheless so in their workings however one would look at them, one eye or the other.

Nothing as likely on the other hand is a pressing need to be answered in a certain way that sometimes is not appropriate unless you’re a singing angel, and even then, New Year’s resolutions aside of course.

Falling in this, you must hold your face to the rain and drink all you can; and let the mask go; it is nothing more than a bargain you have paid dearly for. Open your eyes now for it is time to see what you really want in the New Year.

Image by OpenClipart-Vectors from Pixabay

A mad genius, dripping wet and groaning about everything, sold his dreams in the flea market for a cup of soup one day and then stood there in the rain with nothing left but themselves and a little bird tweeting overhead.

After that, nothing was heard about him for a very long time until the next full moon came big and round that said that he would die one day, but not today as it wasn’t New Year yet.

Dripping huge and plunging back into the ocean of his thinking, he carried on diving into it all and hoping he would come out the other side soon of the New Year’s resolution that was too long in the making and drinking him crazy in his thinking of what he really wanted as a New Year’s resolution.

In this wind all can seem strange, so be kind to your granddad and your grandmother or be febrile nutritious; but, whatever.

Image by Arek Socha from Pixabay

The next wave found him out of his depth and spinning over and over and trying to find ground again to hold onto as the rain beat down over the rolling ocean of his thoughts where many voices were trying to speak to him: give up this and give up that and do better, and world peace, and stop eating junk food and don’t be a gravy face in the rain.

But, surely there is one New Year’s resolution that can be found honoured above all others?

Buy more steem maybe.

Ah, hah, stop procrastinating. That’ll do.

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Such a struggle to come up with a New Year resolution but a good one you did come up with -

stop procrastinating

And it seems you didn't procrastinate in getting your entry in to the #Powerhousecreatives contest!
thanks for sharing and good luck on your resolution!

 3 years ago 

One small positive permanent change will be well worth it. Procrastinating is in my nature so it is a hard one to kick but an easy one to work on. What I tried to build into my though process is to answer "ah I will do that later" with "how many seconds would I have to spend to do it now?"

Seems to make it easier to just do it now as making a decision to put off something that will only take 30 seconds and needs to be done a little easier.

Small steps in the marathon!

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