Desert oasis

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This is a desert story, but it is also something else. Many different tribes live on this wonderful planet, and there is room for all of them. There is room for mystery. There is room for us all to live together with all our many differences...

Image by Myriam Zilles from Pixabay

This day I journeyed in the desert, the same as I did yesterday and the day before that, and many days before that.

Long before records were kept the desert has been our home, and few if any have ever left here, for if we did, we may never be able to find out way back again, to our given land, and if we did find our way back, we may not recognise it anymore and perish; where once we were one, whole, we would be apart and wander to our doom, afraid and alone.

Image by Reimund Bertrams from Pixabay

I have been to the edge of the desert and seen the infidels in their towers reaching impossibly to heights of oblivion, destruction in lieu of their soul’s treasure. They would keep with them any who would come to the desert to be free.

Though few manage to escape, following a path of an impossible dream; lion-heart are these ones, courageous and brave, travelling into the unknown, bringing with them nothing but their yearning, burning from their eyes.

These ones cannot be stopped for they have seen a vision, and that vision has become them, it is their passion. It brings them to the desert; some to perish, some become lost, but some find what they search for, become one with the light.

Strange tales they bring of that which is not the desert, of men who have made a religion of this place, yet do not come here, but say, it is only attained after the last breath has been taken and then only if you have bound yourself heart and soul to their conceptual ideologies and philosophies. They make guarantees of that salvation, yet I do not see any that have come here with that promise, and somehow I do not think they will be able to redeem such guarantees.

Other tales are told but few listen for long, for none of us have room in our hearts for such knowledge of horror and ignorance.

Today I experienced forever, a place that is only mine. I was content there, finding only myself, that self that is all. I encompassed it, then entered within and knew nothing else. I stayed for a long time, then came back with its light on my way. Today is a gift. Today I know well.

Image by Pete Linforth from Pixabay

Another, I met, here where the sands sift and the ocean of time is long. Where knowledge is of light and that which sustains. Yes, another I met in this land; he encouraged me with his being, and when I told him of my secret, he answered me with my hearts yearning; his was more than I could say. I recognised him from forever, and knew him for myself, that self I find within the deepest part of me, that self that is me, indistinguishable from him. We walked, conversing of simple things, and I wondered at his gift and the words, that cannot say. Then he went to another. But I knew he would always be with me and would never leave me, for I was he and he was me.

The desert is big. I wander its vast expanse, bowing to a music I hear deep in its heart, watching its flight upon wings of ageless beauty, seeing in its distance my path to forever.

What do I know? What has been given to me? It is the quiet and what can be found there. I am the quiet and what I feel there.

Image by StockSnap from Pixabay

Another one came, lost, blind, close to falling, calling out from her darkness. I took her by the hand and brought her home. She recognised in me something from herself, that something for which she had been searching for. She cried then, and asked for fulfilment with a sincerity that matched her longing and overcame all obstacles. I told her of the light and the one who could show her. I told her his name and she called it out, and was answered from very close. He came and revealed to her his knowledge of her heart and she recognised him. Afterwards we all danced to a music that lost us to the light.

The desert is a wonderful place and many things happen here, incredible things that defy description; for who could really describe the sun that comes and rids the darkness of its dark and replaces it with light? That light that shines on the waste and other alike making hearts glad with a warmth unquestioned.

Image by Mabel Amber, still incognito... from Pixabay

There are not many of us here, we are called the ones that love and this is the only place we can find where we can be left alone to practice our love, for we are stranded here, have been for many millennium. In the desert of this world we retain our own form, but when we are with the noisy creatures we lose ourselves in them, become them, only the tiniest whisper is left of ourselves in those disturbed ones, and that is why we choose to live in the desert.

From far away we came, in search. Our energy drove us. For aeons we searched until we came here, and found we could not leave again until all the darkness energy of the beings on this planet rises into light. Our original form was formless, but here we have taken on the ghostly shape of the noisy ones that are spreading even to this part of this world. If they come close to the desert they seldom stay for long, there is nothing here for them, and it is too quiet for their noisy minds to endure in comfort. Only those few among them that feel a rising in their heart come here.

Image by cocoparisienne from Pixabay

One day, he came and brought us hope. He is the one that shows us forever in ourselves and it is he that we had searched for, for countless ages. Perhaps it was chance that brought us here; we could easily have missed this small solar system, never have come near it, but somehow, I feel he guided us here.

He shows us a place that is ours, and we join in his dance. But there are ones coming that will take the desert away, for they have found a black stain that spreads many miles across the desert. It is this blackness that powers their engines.

So he has formulated a plan to save us. He will go out of the desert and go among the noisy ones to quiet them down and bring the light to them. My greatest fear is that we may never see him again.

Image by Dieter_G from Pixabay

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Nice one, liked the vibes here. Wonder why the desert immediately drives us to a mystical state of mind? We should do a PHC gathering in the desert and have some peyote. In lak'ech.

I've always wanted to do something like that but every time I'd go to do it I'd run out of petrol.

Gonna have to buy yourself a Tesla then lol, courtesy of Steemit 😂

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I'm grateful, thank you..

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