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I was invited by @partitura to write my story.

Where my steem story began.

For some years now I have been making video clips for You Tube. This started back in November 2006. A work colleague told me about You Tube which I had never encountered. I thought it was a good idea put my recordings ‘out there’. I had travelling to France to play historic organs and to give recitals at many interesting churches and cathedrals. I had also been recording some years prior to that, these included radio broadcasts and CDs. I must admit that live performance is 1,000 times easier than recording and one has to live with the results of the latter for better or worse! Whilst I am primarily an organist, I record regularly on harpsichord and clavichord. My personal domestic keyboard collection. Numbers seven instruments: a grand piano, a double manual Flemish harpsichord, two spinets and three clavichords (triple fretted, doubled fretted and a very large unfretted one). I also have five pipe organs at my disposal: an English one by Forster & Andrews (1882); and American one by Möller (1929), and Australian one by Richardson (1912), a French-Canadian one by Létourneau (1989) and a French one by Puget (1890). I am organist at four churches.

I have also published my own transcriptions for organ and harpsichord. My first organ transcription was Handel’s Overture to Rinaldo. I was inspired to do this after seeing the film “Farinelli”. In one scene, Handel is seen playing a single manual organ with pedals in an English opera house. He was playing the Overture to Rindaldo. I searched for the score, but could only find the orchestral one. I was not aware at the time that there was a two stave transcription published by William Babell. I sat down and arranged the orchestral score for three staves. I found a publisher who lived not too far away from me and had my first work published. This edition included a Handel Concero Grosso movement. Not long afterwards this volume was followed by transcriptions of Viol da Gamba pieces by Marin Marais. I had heard one on radio and its tune haunted me. I performed these in varying combinations in France: at Notre-Dame de Paris and at Rozay-en-Brie on a 17th century organ. An edition of three Mozart Church Sonatas soon followed and these, I am told, were so popular that they went to a second printing. The most ambitious work and which I entirely typeset from the original manuscript were the six organ concertos of Michel Corrette. These were the first French organ concertos. A recording using period instruments and based on my edition was made by renowned organist, Olivier Vernet. The publisher eventually moved interstate but my material is still available there:

I have also published Corrette’s works in the USA with Wayne Leupold and Symétrie in Lyon. I hasten to add I collaborated with Dr Yves Jaffrès, a French musicologist and world authority on Corrette. My rôle included writing an English translation of his French preface.

Whilst publishing scores is not a great money spinner it provides a necessary service. I read and speak French fluently. I have a passion, in particular, for the French classical school and I am fortunate to have performed on many historic French organ.

Last year I was invited by @contrabourdon to consider joining Steem. He encouraged me to put my material there as assured me that the Steem community was kind and non-judgemental. I hasten to say that the organ world can be rather strange and I am sure my readers can vouch for this! @contrabourdon is very computer literate and has helped me out when I have been in cyber difficulty. Since I am also a keen photographer, @contrabourdon encouraged me to upload my photos on Appics.

Last year @organduo interviewed me from my hotel room when I was in the midst of overseas travel!

My Initial Challenges

My initial challenge was attempting to record my work in one go complete with an introduction. Things would go wrong and I wold have to start again. I will admit that it did try my patience. I am happy that others see, hear and comment positively on my work. I enjoy returning the compliment. After all, we are all aiming for the same goals and are all on a journey of discovery.

My Golden Nugget Advice
Patience is the greatest bit of advice. I found the platform a challenge at first. I look at the other posts for inspiration. Don’t get discouraged. Keep trying.

My Steem Hood & Its Peeps
I have enjoyed seeing the variety of posts on Steem and, in particular, those by @partitura who has done a huge amount of work in editing scores of unknown composers. I am always on the look out for the unusual, off the beaten track works.

Perhaps these Steem members could share their stories:

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Great story. It seems we have a lot in common. We ahre of course the love for organ music and engraving. And if it weren't for lack of room and finances I would have had a least one harpsichord.

Thank you. It is good to have a number of things in common. I hope I mentioned all the right things in my story. Harpsichords are wonderful. I am fortunate. The clavichord, I will admit, is the most difficult keyboard instrument I have ever played.

Great story and glad I onboarded you onto Steem. I'm impressed that you posted this in the right community! Well done! I need to get around to writing my story.

Thank you. It can be a challenge with making frequent posts. I’m getting there ...

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What a fantastic contribution to our #mysteemstory initiative @tormus1958, thank you! I have really loved reading everybody's stories!!


Thank you. It was tricky knowing how much to put in. I think I gave sufficient for a start. If people have questions, I can attempt to answer them.

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I think you did a magnificent job!

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Thank you for sharing your story! ^_^

Oh how lovely to be able to play and compose for the beautiful instruments of pipe organs, harpsichord, spinets and clavichords.
I have only seen and heard a pipe organ once before in my life and I was fasinated with them!
So glad you joined the Steem community, sharing your work!
Thanks for sharing your Steem Story!

Thank you! There will more to come from me. Stay tuned!

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