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You ever wonder how it was like when fire was discovered?

2 questions stick out.

Who discovered it & how did they?

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But when you look a little bit closer...

You wonder how the social status of the person who discovered fire changed once they made their discovery.

Did anyone give them props, or did they just brush it under the rug?

In high school, I had to take psychology class.

My teacher was a dude named Dr. Amugira.

He was a guy who lived and & breathed psychology.

Always talking about his PHD & how everything in life comes down to psychology.

He liked the class so much that he didn't care about our grades like that.

He would always make sure to give all the student As.

His main goal was to make sure we understood psychology.

Truth be told.

I didn't take that class seriously.

I would normally sleep thru it.

And Dr. Amugira, surprisingly, would let me.

But one day, one of his lectures had me awake.

This was when he was discussing the psychology of our ancestors.

And he was showing us a picture of a 5 year old in the primal days. It was a rough sketch.

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The picture had this 5 year old, walking across a log, holding something over his shoulder & maintaining balance at the same time.

For some reason, that picture stood out.

His body was activating a lot of signals.

Motor skills.

Having the physical acumen to hold the balance.

The little kid's mouth also seemed to be moving.

AND holding something.

Multitasking happening seamlessly.

In our generation, we do not have to walk like that.

I can't remember the last time I had to walk across a slim log having to balance myself.

Most of my day to day activities are balanced physically.

But the question is...

Is it balanced mentally?

I know someone who teaches poetry.

She was one day showing me all the parts of the brain that get activated when you write with a pen & paper.

It activates your motor skills.

You are forced to use language.

Recall memories.

See into the future.

Produce insights and much more.

This was weird.


Because the act of writing seemed pretty similar to the primal ancestors act of walking.

Just like I would RARELY have the dilemma of walking across a log.

My primal ancestors would never have to worry about writing.

Different times, different problems.

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Old school generation had to rely on their body to get the job done.

If you wanted to produce value in your society, then start getting the body ready homie.

But in the new school generation, we have elevated.

A lot of physical tasks have been automated.

Heck, i wouldn't be surprised if the act of driving becomes like dial up internet in the next 12-15 years!

'How does this all relate to me?'

This relates to you in terms of perspective.

It should help you see the change & how to leverage your tasks for today's economy.

We are transitioning more into a mind based society.

To go from body to mind though, you need to put in effort.

That's how the 'are you working in the business' or 'working ON the business' mantra came from.

No one begins off with working ON the business.

That is earned.

Most people begin their journey running around like a headless chicken.

But after a while.... things change.

After a long while things change.

Something about the magical number of 9 seems strangely unique.

9 months pregnant was the first time I saw the number in that context.

But anytime I've successfully learned a skill & was able to see an aspect of it come to life, 9 months did the trick.

Something about this number sticks out in terms of creation.

So in terms of leveraging your skill set in modern economy, start looking in the number of 9.

That's how long it takes to make a body to mind transition.

Unfortunately, our ancient ancestors didn't have the resources we do today.

They laid the groundwork for us.

But now we have stuff at our disposal which would have been considered magic by them.

Whether its the internet, a computer, or just something as simple as a book.

The goal is to supercharge your mind.

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From the body to mind.

If you were thinking long term, then those 5 words are a no brainer.

But if you weren't, then begin making incremental paradigm changes today.

Good luck.

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